How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding in Indiana

Bride and groom hold hands while walking through a meadow.

Are you and your partner wondering how to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana? From outfit and floral options to sustainable venues, we have some tips to help you relax as you think through how to plan an eco-friendly wedding.

Couple embrace by wooden fence overlooking an open field.

Sustainable Wedding Ideas in Indiana

It is easy to get lost in the amount of information on the internet about sustainable wedding ideas which is why we are writing this. Sustainability doesn’t have to be hard—it can be fun and filled with creativity once you get past the initial whirlwind of change.

Bride and groom reach for each other's hands while the sun sets behind them.

Sustainable weddings are filled with beauty, and they aren’t some far-off dream. People are becoming more aware of sustainability these days so it’s possible for you to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana that dreams are made of.

How to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana could mean exchanging vows in Turkey Run State Park like this bride and groom.

Indiana Eco Wedding Checklist:

  1. Sustainable Outfits
  2. Intentional Guest List
  3. Aim for Reusable Decor
  4. Food + Reducing Food Waste
  5. Sustainable Florals
  6. Finding an Eco-Friendly Venue
  7. Leave No Trace Photo + Video
  8. Plan a Slow-Paced Day
Bride and groom holding hands and smiling as they walk in the forest.

Sustainable Outfits for Your Eco-Friendly Wedding in Indiana

When thinking about how to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana, don’t stress about what you and your partner are going to wear. You have quite a few options!

Bride wearing a secondhand dress while running in a field.
  • First, get your outfits secondhand. Thrift, antique, and consignment shops are so much fun to explore and look for hidden gems! When Jonathan and I renewed our vows, this is what I did for my dress and it was perfect. I even recreated parts of the dress myself to make it fit my style. Places like Retulled Boutique are fantastic—this is where I got my dress. Designer Consigner Boutique and The Perfect Stitch also might have some options and don’t forget about Facebook Marketplace or Poshmark as well to give a second life to some incredible outfits.
Groom in a suit laughs while standing in front of a log cabin.
  • Rewearing/recreating outfits is also a fun outfit option. If someone in your family has an outfit you’d love to wear to your wedding day, recreate it or use parts of it to create something one of a kind! There are many seamstresses and tailors who are incredible at doing this! The House of Bretón and Beth Bennett are just a few in Indiana.
Groom twirls bride in her custom made red gown.
  • Of course, you can also rent your outfits if you don’t really want an outfit that you won’t wear again. Tuxedo/suit rentals are most common at places like Sophia’s Bridal + Tux and Ivry Lane. Finding dress rental shops might be trickier, but they do exist!
Bride and groom stand with their wedding party in front of a line of trees.
  • Another route you can go with your outfits is to borrow something from a friend or family member. It’s so intentional and great to connect you to people who mean a lot to you. We had one of our brides wear her cousin’s dress and it was something special the two of them shared.
While standing in front of cedar trees, groom kisses bride while she laughs.

Hair, Makeup, + Accessories

With hair and makeup, one of the most sustainable choices you can make is to use what you have or find conscious vendors who will ensure eco-friendly products. There are some awesome brands out there for this sort of thing. I personally like Ethique as well as Zera and Co.   

Bride and groom laughing and hugging one another while standing in front of a pond.

With accessories, once again, secondhand and borrowing are fantastic options. We’ve had brides borrow a friend’s veil for her wedding day. Ties, bowties, garters, etc. can all be borrowed as well! As always, if you don’t want to incorporate these items into your outfits, then you can skip them.

Bride holds arm of groom close while laying her head on his shoulder.

Intentional Guest List

Ethically Kate is a Sustainability Inspirer and a person that has been so helpful to me (Ashley) in my personal journey in living more sustainably. She had a sustainable wedding herself and I reached out to her about this. When I asked Kate what her top sustainability tip was, she said, “Focus on the people.”

Thinking about how to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana means intentionally choosing your guests like this couple with all of their guests after their ceremony.

This means to think about who you truly want to be there on your wedding day. Be intentional with your guest list and who means the most to you and your partner. (Side note: Obviously, less people will create less waste, but make sure that you have who you want present.)

Bride and groom hold hands during their ceremony under and outdoor pavilion.

Being more intentional and focusing on who you want there on your wedding day can lead to less stress. An eco-friendly wedding also includes taking care of yourself and having a sustainable pace on your wedding day.

Couple shares their first dance outside near a pavilion with their guests.

In focusing on people, Kate shared, this can also mean shifting away from any guests bringing gifts. Instead, ask for “acts of service” in lieu of a gift. It’s eco-friendly and allows them to be an active participant in your wedding day. Another option for those unable to participate is to give money to a honeymoon or first house fund. These ideas limit waste and allow your guests to gift something to you if they choose.

Father walks bride down the aisle during her outdoor wedding ceremony.

With a smaller, more intentional guest list, this will change how you navigate invitations to your wedding day. Keeping things digital means saving some trees! Zola is a great option for your wedding website/invite that you can send out via an email and they look lovely. We’ve had past clients go this route with great experiences!

Bride and groom exchange vows during a forest wedding.

Aim for Reusable Decor

Anything that can be reused is a win when you’re thinking about how to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana. From reusable plates, silverware, cups, glasses, and cloth napkins to centerpieces and other décor, you can have a classy looking wedding day without hurting the environment.

Table setting features reusable dishes and green accent colors.

When looking for a venue or catering service, look for ones that include these reuseable items rather than single-use plastic ones. You can also rent specific pieces as well instead of buying new. Violet Vintage and A Classic Party Rental are a couple rental shops you can look at here in Indiana.

Champagne wall with greenery behind glasses and sign that reads Sip and Be Seated above.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in rentals, then you can thrift instead of buying brand new. Give new life to beautiful things and when you’re done, donate or sell it to someone else so it continues to get used.

Backyard wedding seating in open grassy area.

Food + Reducing Food Waste

Eco-friendly food and reducing food waste are two big topics that come to mind when navigating sustainability. The biggest piece of advice we can offer here is to find a vendor, friend, or family member that shares your heart for a sustainable wedding day.

Sweethearts table decorated in rented items with fall colors.

To avoid food waste, make sure leftovers don’t get tossed out by having reuseable containers ready to house any leftover food.

Bride and groom sit closely together on stairs.

Support local as much as possible! Locally grown foods and local shops help to cut down on carbon emissions.

Bride and groom hold each other close and look over rocky cliff together.

Be sure that there is recycling on site (either provided by the venue or otherwise) for any glasses or cans depending on what beverages you plan to have available for yourselves and your guests.

Bride and groom laughing while they run through a tall meadow.

Sustainable Florals for Your Eco-Friendly Wedding in Indiana

As you think through how to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana, flowers are high up on the list. Good news: finding sustainable options for florals is not hard! Here are a few different options to consider:

  • Locally sourced, in-season flowers from eco-conscious florists
  • Grow your own flowers (Ethically Kate, who I spoke about earlier, had home-grown sunflowers from her dad as her wedding flowers)
  • Cut your own flowers at a local flower farm in Indiana
  • Get local, in-season flowers from farmer’s markets
Pink and white floral bouquet rests again a white stone wall.

Avoid avoiding plastic coverings and floral foam by getting in touch ahead with any florist you might be working with. Woven Blooms is a local florist with beautiful work who is floral foam-free! You can always pick up your flowers in your own vases. Sustainability is all about planning ahead with intention.

Gold wedding rings rest on a white veil with wildflowers behind them.

After your wedding day, you can dry or press any flowers to preserve them. If you don’t decide to keep them, compost them instead of throwing them away.

And if flowers aren’t your jam, skip them!

Sub flowers out for a lantern like this bride did if you're thinking about how to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana.

Finding an Eco-Friendly Venue in Indiana

Choosing a sustainably minded venue is vital in setting the vibe for your wedding day. As we stated earlier, you’ll have to ask venues about the things that align with your sustainable values because venues vary.

The Wilds Wedding Venue in Bloomington on acres of grass and forest.

Having your ceremony and reception at one location cuts down on carbon emissions so this is something to consider as well.

Outdoor ceremony space decorated naturally for a summer wedding.

Both the Indianapolis Zoo and The Wilds talk about green initiatives or have written articles about sustainable wedding tips so these are two options in Indiana for sustainably-minded venues.

Bride and groom standing in a gorge hold one another close and look up.

You can also let nature be your venue! Keep in mind to follow Leave No Trace practices if you do this and follow all park rules. A few gorgeous parks and outdoor venues in Indiana include:

  • Turkey Run State Park
  • Sugar Creek Retreat
  • Cataract Falls State Park
  • Shades State Park
  • Eagle Creek Park
  • DePauw Nature Park
Bride and groom holding each other seriously in front of pond.

These venues don’t have any details about sustainability specifically on their sites that we could find, but would be worth checking into for beautiful nature vibes. Many of them supply some decorations:

  • The Conservatory at Evergreen
  • Owl Ridge
  • Avon Gardens
  • Lizton Lodge
Table seating filled with reusable dishes and rental decor at The Wilds Wedding Venue.

Leave No Trace Photo + Video Coverage for Your Eco-Friendly Wedding in Indiana

No matter your venue, there is probably some part of your day that will take place outside to some degree. If leaving nature better than you found it is important to you, then you need to find photographers and videographers who share this vision with you.

Couple resting heads together combine with image of bride's bouquet.

Leave No Trace knowledge is vital for weddings that take place fully in nature. Find photographers and videographers who are certified who can help you navigate this and give you tips about communicating with your guests about Leave No Trace.

Bride and groom walk through a forest and their dog runs ahead of them.

They can be an excellent resource for you and your partner as you figure out how to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana. Good news is that we are certified and this is something we are very passionate about. We wrote an entire blog with all the details about it here.

Bride and groom wearing backpacks with just married signs hanging from them.

Plan a Slow-Paced Day

Craft a slow-paced wedding-day timeline is one of the most important things you can do for yourselves as sustainability is a mindset. The best news is that you don’t have to do this alone because your photographers and videographers can help with this.

Bride and groom hold hands during outdoor ceremony.

Less Waste Means:

  • Not wasting time
  • Not wasting energy
  • Not wasting money
  • Not wasting resources
Bride holding her wildflower bouquet combined with image of bride and groom walking together.

When planning a wedding day that strives to be environmentally conscious, the biggest thing to keep in mind is a change of pace. All the options above require a slower pace and intentionality.

How to have an eco-wedding in Indiana might look like this bride and groom smiling during their outdoor backyard ceremony.

Finding a sustainable pace in planning a wedding as well as on your wedding day means slowing down to make intentional choices about your day. You can skip the unnecessaries that you don’t want to do and use that money saved to support causes that are close to your hearts.

Bride and groom share special vows with their daughters during their outdoor ceremony.

Zero Waste Weddings in Indiana

Zero waste may not be a reality for you and that’s okay. There’s no shame in that as we are all trying to do our best. The most important thing to take into consideration as you think about how to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana is to find creative solutions that make sense for the two of you.

Groom kissing bride's neck making her laugh while sun sets behind them in an open field.

Kathryn Kellogg wrote two articles about her zero waste wedding full of unique ideas if that’s something that interests you. Here’s part one and part two.

Groom and bride share their first kiss at their outdoor ceremony.

It’s Your Day

If helping the earth is something that you two are passionate about, then incorporate it into your wedding day. The most important thing is that your wedding day brings you both joy and peace.

Bride celebrates with her flowers in the air while groom dips her.

I have covered a lot of information here in this blog to help you starting thinking through different ways of how to have an eco-friendly wedding in Indiana. In case you want more information, Kate shared Mindfully Wed on Instagram with me and I have to pass this along! They have lots of resources that dive even deeper into sustainability and weddings if you want more information.

Groom and bride walk in front of bridge laughing.

If this is what you’re looking for, you can reach out and contact Jonathan and I here. Then we can start talking about your peaceful, eco-friendly wedding day and any photo or video needs you might have.

Groom kisses bride on cheek while she leans back laughing.

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