Indiana Wedding + Elopement Photos + Videos

For the introverted, peace-loving, nature enthusiasts, we've got you.

Everyone feels a little unsure about themselves when they’re in front of the camera. 

All you have to do at your session or on your wedding day is be yourself.

feel like your true selves

intentionally do things that make you smile

spend time in a place that makes your heart soar

Your session or wedding day should be when you:


that overwhelmed feeling

the people pleasing

being stuck inside

Choose to have a peaceful adventure outside and

throw your stress away!

You just need to show up, take a deep breath of fresh air, and have fun with the person you love. It’s as easy as that.

We have the best news though:
that feeling doesn’t last here.

So how does all of this work?

We like to keep things simple so here’s all you need to do to get the ball rolling on your nature-filled day! 

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Relax, Be Yourselves, + Have Fun

This is what it feels like to spend your day in the peaceful presence of nature.

peaceful presence of nature.

This is what it feels like to spend

your day

in the

“The best choice we made for our wedding day was hiring Vallosio Photo + Film to capture every moment. They have an eye for beauty and create incredible works of art. …Every time I look at the photos, they bring tears of joy to my eyes because they capture the emotion of the day, with every beautiful detail preserved for a lifetime.” 
- Rachel + Josh

“Their talent and professionalism impressed us from our very first consultation. Come event time, they leveraged an innate eye capturing gorgeous lighting and angles. The final images took our breath away as magazine-quality keepsakes - vivid, emotional, and expertly showcasing precious moments.”
- Dajana + Nick

“When I started to plan our wedding, I was so stressed about finding the perfect photographer and videographer. I was so happy when I found Ashley and Jonathan. They were beyond wonderful with everything they did for us. We wouldn’t have been able to have the special day we had without the two of them!!”
- Brandy

“The best decision I made was choosing Vallosio Photo + Film for my wedding. So organized and so kind. …The photos told the story but the video truly brought the day back to life. It was important to me that I can hire one person to do both photo and video so everything was coordinated. The Vallosios 100% delivered. Excited to look at these pics and videos for the rest of our lives!”
- Carrie

“The wedding day was a blast with Ashley and Jonathan, and you can tell! …I truly cannot say "dang, I wish they would have gotten that moment," because they captured it all. …They also helped to make the day flow smoothly by collaborating with the other vendors, and helping creating and sticking to the schedule. We highly recommend the Vallosios!”
- Jamie + Will

“The Vallosio's were absolutely amazing videographers to work with! They were so helpful both before and on our wedding day. They are great with communication and always sent reminders or updates. Our wedding videos were beautiful and fully captured our day.”
- Lauren + Nathan

“Ashley and Jonathan were fantastic on our wedding day! They captured our day beautifully and made it fun in the process. The production quality for all of our videos is fantastic and my wife and I will cherish these memories for years to come.”
- Alex

“I would recommend Ashley and Jonathan to anybody. Not only did they plan everything, they are so kind, caring, and thoughtful. It was an absolute pleasure to share the evening with them. We shared lots of conversation and laughs. They really made me comfortable, and that took the nerves out of the equation. So comfortable that we asked them to do our wedding.”
- Josh

“There's no better photographer to capture the beauty of nature or the true essence of how you feel when you're with your loved ones. We are truly in awe of how stunning our engagement photos came out. …It truly felt like going on a hike with a friend.”
- Aimee + Jaime

"The professionalism of Vallosio Photo + Film paired with the easy-going nature of a shoot makes one feel comfortable in front the lens, and that is coming from someone typically camera shy! They pay such close attention to detail and story and I love that. 10/10 would recommend!"

“We worked with Ashley & Jonathan for our wedding day and a mini-engagement session before the big day to get more comfortable with them and their style. They are both so fun and personable - I've never had such a great time with a photography duo before!”
- Hannah + Bo

“When we saw the final product, I was moved to tears. It was like our wedding day was coming to life all over again. I look forward to watching our video often and showing it to my kids and grandkids to come. This is the most personal and professional team of videographers I've ever worked with!”
- Rachel

Planning Your Wedding or Elopement

We want you to have the best experience which is why we have helpful resources for not only inspiration, but to answer questions you might have.

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From outdoor weddings and elopements to adventure engagement and couples sessions, we offer photo and video coverage along with tips to elevate your experience in nature.

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